Autumn Gardening Tips

Autumn Gardening Tips

The leaves are changing colour so it’s time to garden before it gets cold!

Plant Your Heart Out

The soil is still warm from the summer but the air isnt too cold for winter yet 

So it’s the ideal time to establish some plants in time for spring for them to shoot away! 

Improve your Soil Health 

Add some organic fertilise to your soil to feed your plants and bugs! 

Even better start a compost if you haven't before. 

This not only reduces your green waste but also attracts all those good soil bugs which help naturally aerate and mix the soil. 

You can use the result of your compost as fertiliser and a light mulch. 

Which leads to… 

Attracting worms! 

The iconic! 

The soil masters! 

The creators of worm juice! 


They are a sign of a super heathy soil system 

Aerate your soil 

Loosening the soil helps encourage deeper and stronger root growth 

This also assists water to penetrate the lower levels 


Mulching helps the soil hold in moisture and helps to keep weeds down too! 

Divide Evergreen Perennials Autumn is the time to transplant or divide perennials!


Time to get in the garden! 

Autumn is the best time of year to garden! 

Letting the plants establish over autumn and winter to shoot away in spring!

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