How to Help Decomposers Help YOU in Your Garden

How to Help Decomposers Help YOU in Your Garden

Decomposers come in many forms in your garden.

The most commonly thought of decomposer is the mightly Earth Worm. However, bacteria and fungi are the most common decompsers found in a garden. Followed by flies. Decomposers are a massive range of shapes and sizes. 

Decomposers provide an essential ecosysem service. They help clean up all the leaf litter in your garden. They help return nutrients to the soil and are tasty treats for other insects. Decomposers not only keep your garden clean but they feed your plants. They are a sign of a healthy ecosystem within your backyard.

Helpful tips:

- Use non-toxic untreated mulch

- Don't let your garden dry out

- Leave Leaf Litter

- Plant pollen rich plants

Decomposers within our Nursery:

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