How to Help Lizards in your Garden

How to Help Lizards in your Garden

Lizards come in many sizes, big and small in all gardens.

Many lizards are omnivores, they enjoy snails, slugs, beetles, berries, fruit
and warm rocks to sun bake on.  They are a sign of a healthy ecosystem within your backyard.

To help them out creating a suitable home for lizards in your garden. You can do this by:
Create a Protected Sunning Spot
Thick Leaf Litter and Mulch to Retain Moisture
Plant Groundcovers & Native Grasses
Check Long Grasses for Lizards Before Mowing
Sticks, Logs, Pipes and Rocks for Shelter
Climbing Plants to Help Lizards Navigate Fences
Keep Cats Inside!

Lizards within our Nursery:

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