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Anemone hybrid 'Whirlwind' - NEW

Anemone hybrid 'Whirlwind' - NEW

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Botanical Name Anemone hybrid 'Whirlwind'

Common Name White Japanese Windflower, Anemone Whirlwind, White Anemone

At a Glance

  • Autumn Flowering
  • Frost Hardy (-10°C)
  • Perfect under trees
  • Shade loving

Approximate Full Growth Size


Elegant, ruffled semi-double, white petals surround frilly yellow centers.  With petals that look as if they have been tasseled by the breeze.


Mulch well to maintain soil moisture. Prune flower stems to ground level when flowering is complete.

Growth Size

60cm High

90cm Wide

Flower stems 120cm tall


Full shade

Part Sun

Part Shade

Frost Hardy

Flowering Time

Late Summer


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