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Buddleja davidii Buzz 'Hot Raspberry'

Buddleja davidii Buzz 'Hot Raspberry'

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Botanical Name Buddleja davidii Buzz 'Hot Raspberry'

Common Name Butterfly Bush, Buddleia, Dawrf Pink Buddleja

At a Glance

  • Beautiful floral display
  • Fragrant foliage
  • Flowers most of the year
  • Attracts butterflies, small birds and insects
  • Frost tolertant (1°C)


Buddleja BUZZ™ are an asset to any garden and this varieties are dwarf. Flowering from late spring, summer and autumn known as the Butterfly bush, this variety has an hot pink flower, attracting butterflies, birds and bees to the garden.


During the year trim back the older growth when flowers are showing signs of slowing off and getting smaller. Drought hardy once established with low water requirements. Trim spent flowers to encourage repeat flowering over many many months.

Growth Size

1.5m - 2m high

1.5 -2m wide


Full sun

Frost tolertant


Flowering Time

Late spring



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