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Dahlia tenuicaulis x hybrid Timothy Hammett

Dahlia tenuicaulis x hybrid Timothy Hammett

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Botanical Name Dahlia tenuicaulis x hybrid 'Timothy Hammett'

Common Name Dahlia Timothy Hammett

At a Glance

  • Full sun
  • Beautiful colour
  • Frost hardy


Timothy Hammett is an evergreen shrub with graceful cascading branches. Breeding by Dr. Keith Hammett and is the result of hybridization between Dahlia species D. tenuicaulis, D. apiculata and D. coccinea. Timothy Hammett does not die down at the end of each growing season. Instead it forms true woody stems that get bigger each year. Irresistible to pollinators


Requires moderate watering. Shelter from strong winds and prune to shape.

Growth Size

1.5-2m high

1.5-2m wide.


Full Sun

Frost Hardy


Flowering Time



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