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Debco SaturAid 2.5L - Granular Soil Wetting Agent

Debco SaturAid 2.5L - Granular Soil Wetting Agent

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Debco SaturAid 2.5L Tub - Granular Soil Wetting Agent

Perfect to re-hydrate soil/potting mix

SaturAid enables water to penetrate the topsoil or potting media more easily. It reduces the amount of water required to the irrigated area by up by 50% by increasing the water holding capacity of the soil.

SaturAid works by breaking up the surface tension of the soil. Also known as a surfactant, this product is extremely helpful when soil becomes hydrophobic. This can appear as water beading, repelling or running off quickly without soaking into the garden bed, soil or potting mix. This is a highly effective product which has been tested by University studies comparing different wetting agents which are on the market. This studied found that the water is absorbed faster by soils or potting mixes after the application of SaturAid than any other product tested. We use this product in our potting mix, containers and garden and have found it fabulous. In dry garden or container, it re-hydrates the soil and allows water to penetrate.

  • Reduces the prevalence of hydrophobia
  • No Digging required
  • Can be applied to potting plants or garden beds
  • Can be applied on top of mulch
  • Highly recommended product

It is recommended for potting mixes or garden beds that shows signs of repelling water. It is a non-toxic product when used at the manufacturers recommended rate. It contains no detergents which could be harmful to the environment. Apply amounts recommended amounts as the instructions and water in well after application. No digging required. Particularly good to apply in the warmer months and has shown to reduce stress on plants, increase yields and improve growth.

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