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Echium fastuosum 'Duxfield Blue'

Echium fastuosum 'Duxfield Blue'

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Botanical Name Echium fastuosum 'Duxfield Blue'

Common Name Pride of Madeira

At A Glance

  • Purple/blue flower
  • Spring flowering
  • Drought resistant
  • Tolerates coastal conditions


  • Can cause skin irritation


A show stopper with spectacular tall flower spikes in late spring with a long lasting display. The spikes have hundreds of individual flowers which bring bees into the garden. The grey leaves form rosettes at the base of the flowers which develop a tight shrub when not in flower. A fantastic display lasting for many weeks. This variety has purple/blue flowers.


Water only during prolonged dry periods. Does not like wet soils, keep in a well drained position. Prune to compact shape and remove spent flower heads. Fertilise in spring.

Growth Size

1.2m -1.5m high

1.5m wide


Full sun

Drought tolerant

Tolerates coastal condtions

Flowering Time


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