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Iboza riparia syn. Tetradenia riparia - Nut Meg Bush

Iboza riparia syn. Tetradenia riparia - Nut Meg Bush

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Botanical Name Iboza riparia syn. Tetradenia riparia

Common Name The Misty Plume Bush, Nut Meg Bush & Ginger Bush

At a Glance

  • Frost & drought hardy
  • Loved by birds and bee
  • Full sun to part shade


Iboza which has a spectacular misty pale lilac plumed flower display in winter. Everyone who sees this plant in flower takes a photo when it's in full bloom! The misty lilac plumes attract lots of different insects and insect-eating birds. Iboza is an African plant and the word ‘Iboza’ is from the Zulu word meaning aromatic and has medicinal qualities (take your Doctors advice). The leaves are soft and has an aromatic musk like leaf odour. Iboza thrives in sun to part shade and need a free draining position. Waterwise once established.


Prune after flowering to shape. Needs a frost free position.

Growth Size

2-2.5m High

2-2.5m Wide


Full Sun

Part Sun

Part Shade

Frost Tender

Drought hardy


Flowering Time


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