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Pycnostachys urticifolia

Pycnostachys urticifolia

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Botanical Name Pycnostachys urticifolia

Common Name Hedgehog Sage, Witches Hat, prickly sage, blue boys, nettle-leaf pycnostachys

At a Glance

  • Bee & Butterfly attracting
  • Autumn flowering
  • Full sun to part shade
  • Frost Tender


Occurring naturally in South Africa, Pycnostachys is an attractive autumn flowering perennial. The flowers, which are arranged in spikes at the tips are a beautiful dark blue in autumn until June. As the flowers drop, the spikes develop sharp reddish spines at the base, which remain on the bush for many months. The aromatic leaves are densely covered with hairs, broad and almost triangular; the leaf margins have rounded teeth, becoming smaller near the top. It is seen at its best in warm places, for it is often cut back by frost just as it commences flowering in colder places. flowers are visited by bees and butterflies. Waterwise once established


Trouble free plant. Remove spent flower spikes to encourage new growth in spring.

Growth Size

1.5m tall

70cm wide


Full Sun

Part Shade


Frost Tender

Flowering Time


Early Winter

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