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Salvia guaranitica x hybrid 'Amante' pbr

Salvia guaranitica x hybrid 'Amante' pbr

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Botanical Name Salvia guaranitica x hybrid 'Amante' pbr

Common Name Sage

At a Glance

  • Butterfly & Bee attracting
  • Long flowering
  • Full sun
  • Perfect for large containers
  • Frost hardy (-6°C)


This Salvia named ‘Amante’ meaning 'Lover' in Spanish, is a standing out from the pack with this breeding breakthrough. ‘Amante’ has a stunning fuchsia red flower spike appearing from dark almost black calyx above deep green foliage. A very useful and easy garden plant, flowering for very long periods & will grow from Hobart to Cairns. In the warmer climates, it flowers all year round. In cooler climates, it may become semi dormant. Salvia Amante is compact and has a fuller habit. It is easy to grow and responds well to trimming.  Bird and bee attracting. Waterwise once established


Prune plant in early spring to maintain shape then fertilise for new growth. Remove spent flower spikes to encourage repeat flowering.

Growth Size

1.2m High

1.2m wide


Full sun


Frost Hardy

Flowering Time




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