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Salvia leucantha 'White'

Salvia leucantha 'White'

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Botanical Name Salvia leucantha 'White'

Common Name Salvia White Velvet, Mexican Sage

At a Glance

  • Full sun
  • Easy to grow
  • Great coastal plant
  • Promise to flower
  • Frost hardy (-12°C)


White Velour is a beautiful form of Mexican Sage with pure white velvety flowers. An easy to grow, low maintenance Salvia which looks great as a mass planting. Great Autumn colour holding its flowering into winter. The birds flock to this plant giving food for months.


Prune after the main flowering time, then cut back hard in spring to allow for new growth. Fertilise when planting and in spring. Frost & coastal tolerant. Low water requirements once established

Growth Size

1.5m High

1.5-2m Wide


Full sun

Frost hardy

Tolerates dryness


Tolerates low salt levels/coastal conditions

Flowering Time


Early winter


Spot flower in Summer

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